Faculty Spotlight: Mrs. Rhonda Freeman

What's your title at CLHS?
Teaching Family and Consumer Science
Are you a Concordia parent?
Grandmother to Jada Burton, Class of 2022
When did you start at CLHS?
2018 volunteering and subbing started new position this fall
Please describe your position at CLHS.
I teach textiles, and culinary
What was your education that led you to CLHS?
Fashion design
What did you love most about teaching at CLHS?
Seeing the students change from incoming freshman to seniors, and seeing the path they have made.
What's your favorite story about your time at CLHS?
There are so many, the one that makes me laugh every time I think about it is, I was watching this freshman as he was falling asleep, he fell out of his chair, hit the ironing board, it fell on him. The look he gave me was priceless, like I did it.
Who were your mentors in your career to becoming an educator?
My Home Economic teacher in high school, she taught me details count. If you make something do it well, always push your limits, never stop reaching for the stairs.