“Come Thou Fount”

This year’s marching show is based on the familiar hymn, “Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing.” While this hymn isn’t typically played in a pompous manner, it is an absolutely stunning hymn with lots of emotion. In the design process, we found a handful of parallels between a fountain and our faith - literally and figuratively. 

In its most light-hearted sense, a fountain can be a gathering place. Whether it’s a fountain at a park or a mall in which you throw coins or the proverbial watercooler in the workplace, a fountain is a place for meeting and conversation. The watercooler or a water fountain is also a place to take from and then continue on your "journey." Depending on where you’re coming from, a fountain can be a place of hope or comfort, or a place to rest.

As Christians, we also use the baptismal fount as a gathering place. Furthermore, because we are baptized, the Holy Spirit, through the water, washes us clean from our sins.

In our show, we have two main props: a base of a fountain that is 25 feet wide, and a cross that when put together stands 12 feet tall. The show starts out with a trumpet solo, played by Junior Emily Castens. She is standing on the fountain, so right away, it’s clear that it’s a focal point of our show. The color guard flags are various shades of blue and gray, to portray the water and stone of a fountain!

Then one of my personal favorite moments of the entire show comes in the ballad. At this point, the color guard brings the pieces of the cross that are originally spread out on the field, to the middle of the fountain. Shortly after the cross is assembled and raised upright, our music culminates with an impactful moment and 18-foot red flags explode out from the fountain. This is meant to represent Christ’s blood being spilled completely covering us. And it’s because He shed His blood that we can have salvation. 

Which brings us to the closer, the final part of our show. Our music writers have taken “Salvation is Created” by Pavel Chesnekov, which is typically a haunting but beautiful choral piece, and turned it into a celebration and powerful piece. The color guard now has white flags, representing how we have been washed white as snow through His sacrifice. 

To close out the entire show, our final formation is in a cross. The best thing about a school like Concordia is that we don’t have to hide the fact that we’re Christians. We pray before every sporting event, we begin each school day with a short reading and prayer. When the Marching Cadets compete, we get the opportunity to boldly proclaim this powerful message of the Gospel. 

We are excited to dive into another competitive season. We’ve had a great start this past Saturday at Bluffton, where we received 2nd place! But the band welcomes you to join us at one of our shows this year! It is going to be a fantastic show!

Soli Deo Gloria!

Jennifer Porath,
Director of Bands

2022 Shows:

September 10: Bluffton High School (2nd place)

September 17-18: Johnny Appleseed!!

September 24: Carroll High School

October 1: Homestead High School

October 8: ISSMA Open Class Invitational at Homestead High School

October 15: ISSMA Open Class Regionals at Carroll High School

October 22: Bands of America Super Regional at Lucas Oil Stadium

October 29: ISSMA Open Class Semi-State at Decatur Central High School (Lord-willing!)

November 5: ISSMA Open Class State at Lucas Oil Stadium (Lord-willing!)