Faculty Spotlight: Mrs. Lisa Sherrod

What's your title at CLHS?
Director of the Study Center
Are you a Concordia alum or parent?
Parent of 3: Nathan 2007, Katie 2013, Alexis 2017. (Sister to 2! Alan '77 and Kim Stein '76)
When did you start at CLHS?
Around 1995 or 96 
Please describe your position at CLHS.
I have the opportunity to work with students in classes they are struggling in as well as help them with issues that come up in their daily lives. My goal has been to be a "mom" at school ever since one of my former students told me that was what she appreciated most in the Study Center. I love that it is never the same. Every day is a new challenge and chance to make a difference.
What was your education that led you to CLHS?
I always wanted to teach. I loved my teachers and looked up to them. My goal when I became a teacher was to teach 3rd grade at Unity because one of my favorite years when I was in school was 3rd grade at Unity with Mrs. Ackmann. After I graduated, I taught in an Ohio resource room for 5 years and my brother, SFC Alan Conrad suggested I apply for the Study Center opening at CLHS. Since I loved the Lutheran education I received at Unity Lutheran (Lutheran South Unity), I jumped at the opportunity to join Concordia.
What did you love most about teaching at CLHS?
The relationships with my students and colleagues! I learn every day from all of the students who walk through my door, and I cherish the relationships that continue through the years. I love seeing their walks with Christ even when it is only through Facebook! My colleagues here are the most supportive and caring people! I can't imagine working anywhere else!
Who were your mentors in your career to becoming an educator?
Every teacher I ever had as a student (especially Mr. Erickson and Mr. Davis in high school) taught me something and therefore was a mentor to me! In addition to them, the Concordia staff and administration have been amazing to help me grow as a teacher! One of my biggest influences here at Concordia was Vicki Ober.