My Favorite Time of Year

Answering the question, “What is your favorite time of year?” has always caused me a bit of duress. I usually end up answering summer just because that is when I get to enjoy the most family time. The hotter temperatures and higher humidity, however, would not be my favorite.

Truthfully, I have always loved fall. And yet, I rarely answer fall. Usually when I think of fall, I think of winter and that would probably be my least favorite season. I thoroughly enjoy being outside and do not particularly relish being out in the cold. Therefore, I spend most of the winter months inside. That is definitely not my favorite time.

After Parent-Teacher conferences this last week, I was shutting my classroom door and the thought crossed my mind, “before you know it, you will be walking back through this door and fall break will be over.” UGH! I should have been ecstatic about the upcoming trip my husband and I were taking to see the fall colors at Dale Hollow Reservoir in Tennessee. We were going boating with friends and the weather forecast was warm and sunny!

Do you ever do that? Usually I am a “glass half full” type of person. Why lately, do I tend to focus on the negative?

On the way home from Parent Teacher conferences I heard the song “Keep me in the Moment” by Jeremy Camp. What a God thing. Here are the lyrics that finally sunk in. (This was not the first time that I have heard that song!)

Singing oh Lord, keep me in the moment
Help me live with my eyes wide open
'Cause I don't wanna miss what you have for me

I am making that my daily prayer! Whatever God has in store for me each day, I will enjoy for that day. I refuse to dwell on fears or negativity that may be on the horizon. He will be there with me and His grace is sufficient. I will experience His joy and will keep my eyes wide open (with His help, of course!)

The colors at Dale Hollow were gorgeous. The trees here in Fort Wayne have been truly spectacular. I continue to enjoy the majestic display of color. And my favorite time of the year is definitely fall! I pray that you enjoy the season. Keep those eyes wide open!

Krista Koch,
Math Teacher