Learning from scratch

Greetings from the Culinary Arts and Fashion/Textile World! This year, Culinary Arts was Farm to Table. For fashion and textiles, I wanted the students to learn the basics of sewing, but also take a vested interest in making something usable and sustainable.

This summer I busied myself in my garden growing all the vegetables we were going to use this fall. It was my goal to teach the students where food comes from and how they can turn that fruit or vegetable into something delicious and from SCRATCH. We worked on making rues first, broths, and then cream soups. We roasted squash for squash soup while also using potatoes from my garden. The students all loved it! All the students felt a sense of accomplishment and pride. They also learned the average pricing of food ingredients, so they could learn how to make their own food on a budget, but yet still be delicious and nutritious.

Some of our advanced culinary students have had the opportunity to plan, prep, and serve meals for various occasions, including TLSP events. They have prepared an extensive breakfast and heavy hors devours for the Delegate meeting. Students took over making all the cookies for Grandparents Day as well. Over 400 cookies were made! These students have shopped on a budget, prepared meals in the wee hours of the morning and presented them in a professional manner. These students have received many accolades for their hard work and accomplishments.

Our Fashion and Textile group has learned so many things so far this school year. We have started with some of the very basics. Learning a basic stitch and the mechanics of a sewing machine. Some made small tote bags, while others made pajama pants. One student made new pillow covers for the large pillows that are in the library. They also learned to use the embroidery machine and embroidered “CADETS” on each pillow. Now all the students are working on projects made with a pattern. That is the only real requirement is that you have a pattern to use as a template. The talent that is coming from these students is just amazing. I am seeing sundresses, skirts, wide legged pants with ruffles and a poncho which will be a Christmas gift for a family member.

Overall it has been a great start to the school year. I can not wait to see their light bulbs continue to “turn on,” and see what they can accomplish!

Rhonda Freeman, 
Family & Consumer Science Teacher