Alumni Spotlight: Caitlin McGaffick '19

What is your current occupation?
I currently work as a nursing intern at an integrative health clinic in Lafayette, and I have coached CrossFit for about 2 years. This summer, I took a solo road trip to Oregon to explore a unique gym that fosters a deep mind-body connection through movement. I travelled 6,000 miles total, visiting 6 national parks along the way. The Grand Canyon and Arches provided some pretty intense hiking, and the Pacific Coast Highway was a dream. The trip in its entirety was a beautiful opportunity for self discovery of gratitude, humility, and courage. Life is not about reaching a final destination -- to truly live, you must learn to enjoy the journey.
What led you to your current occupation?
I met the nurse practitioner I work for through a series of friends. Never underestimate the power of networking.
What was your education after Concordia?
I attend Purdue University in West Lafayette, entering my senior year in nursing school with a psychology minor.
What did you love most about CLHS?
I loved playing on the CLHS volleyball team. I am grateful to my coaches Trish and Allie for the valuable lessons and resilience I learned that have helped shape my character and life trajectory.
What advice would you pass along to students?
Find a mentor, and be vulnerable and humble enough to learn from them and receive their support. You cannot listen if you are talking, and you cannot learn if you are not listening.