Laughter in the Classroom

This semester I have had a student teacher taking over my classes which has given me a lot of time to observe things in my classroom that I am often too busy to notice. Sometimes our students are a bit stressed or tired during the school day and sometimes I feel the same way while tracking absences and grading research papers. Unfortunately it’s too easy to miss out on the little moments of joy in the school day. This semester has been a welcome opportunity to focus on those moments! 

Honors English 10 students have been acting out a Shakespearean play in class. Although reading aloud can often be daunting and boring, this year’s sophomores have been committed to giving the performance of a lifetime. They have been using props, accents, and physical comedy to bring our classroom performances to life. And although the idea of teenagers getting into literature is always thrilling to me, it’s the giggles and goofiness in the classroom that have been making me the happiest.

Although I’m sure our students have a lot of fun outside of the classroom while in the hallways or at practices, sometimes I get the subdued version of them in the classroom. Getting to hear them laugh so hard they cry and enjoy each other’s company is such a gift. And a great reminder of the joy of the Lord. I love these students and any opportunity to be joyful together reminds me of how blessed I am to get to serve the Lord through laughing with His children. 

Betsy Ladwig, 
English Teacher