Washington joins an elite group of 1,000 point makers

From Spring 2023 Cadets Magazine

By Samantha Hoffman ’23

Sometimes a single player stands out from the team. For Concordia one of the stand out players was Tom Baack. 

Baack graduated from Concordia in 1964, and he was an outstanding player. Baack currently holds the top record for most points at Concordia and held the city scoring record for more than 30 years. There have been many people close to his record, but he still holds the most at 1,623 points. Concordia has had only 11 players throughout the years that have hit the goal of 1,000 points for the boys and girls teams, but this year one more player hit that benchmark. That player was junior Ajani Washington. 

“It was a really historical moment. That is something that is difficult to do, and it shows because of its rarity here at CLHS,” said head basketball coach Phil Brackmann. “It was neat to see Ajani’s abilities grow from his freshman season through his junior season and hit such a special milestone.”

Washington has hit many milestones in his basketball career, but 1,000 points is probably the biggest. He commented that the adrenaline rush you get from achieving anything this big is massive. 

“When the shot first went in, I could only think about how badly I wanted it for so long,” Washington said. “Hitting a milestone like that is something you dream about growing up as a basketball lover. I spoke it into existence since my freshman year at Concordia. When I scored 500 points in only my sophomore season, I knew it could really happen, all I had to do was work for it. In that very moment when the shot went in, it was such a pure relief. My hard work paid off.”

Cella Kaiser ’25 contributed to this story.