Learning For Life

I had a lovely day on Saturday. My husband and I had the pleasure of cheering the Notre Dame Fighting Irish on to victory in their home opener against Tennessee State. We were thankful for the sunny day, a chance to spend time with people we love – and that the game had a more positive outcome for Notre Dame than last year’s home opener against Marshall! I was excited the whole day, but my excitement was ignited first by getting to campus in the morning to attend a lecture about Neuroscience and Self-Healing Communities. I am fascinated by learning about the power of the brain and how understanding it better can improve our lives and communities.

You may be thinking that an academic lecture on game day would not be your thing. That’s okay. What type of learning does energize you? Part of the mission statement of Concordia Lutheran High School is to “equip individuals for lifelong learning and service as disciples of Jesus Christ.” Education is a gift, but in this country, it is so readily accessible that many people take it for granted. What interests you? Learn about it! Pursuing learning at any age benefits our own brains and has the potential to enrich the lives of others, too. From cooking to car repair to ancient history, what you learn can be used to serve and teach others. 

We can each honor and serve the Lord by using His gifts and the curiosity and wonder He puts within us. Even if you don’t consider yourself an expert in a particular area, chances are that you know enough to be able to use that knowledge to make a difference in your community. What will you learn this week? How will you serve? No matter how old you are, you can start being a lifelong learner today!