We are Blessed and God is in Control!

There are many religious wall hangings and decorations in my house. I will admit that they are there as a witness to others who might visit, but they are a needed reminder for our family as well. This fall I have had some health issues. One Saturday morning I was engaged in my own little pity party when I happened to notice a wall hanging that says, “We are blessed." I started to contemplate the many blessings that I have including family, food, shelter, and most importantly eternal life! There is much to be grateful for in our lives and I started a list.

Somehow my health issues did not seem as prevalent as they had just moments before. Then I looked at the large wall hanging that says, “God is in Control” and smiled. My brother has teased me about the size of the wall hanging on several occasions and I always come back with the comment, “That’s something I really struggle with.” Boy, do I ever! God is in control at all times. There are countless hours spent worrying and fretting and engaging in pity parties when He’s got me.
I read the following in a devotional recently: Into His hands we commit all of our yesterdays - all of our failures, our sins, and our regrets. We commit today, a day of mercy and of grace. And into His hands we commit tomorrow. His mercies which have been ‘new unto us every morning’ will be just as new, just as sure, and just as all-sufficing tomorrow as they are today. His promises are sure. His compassions fail not.”

What a comfort to know that God is in control! He handles the big stuff and the tiny details for each of us! I can commit it all to Him! This is easier said then done sometimes, however, especially when trials come upon us. Thus, the need for my wall hangings. May you find hope, joy, and encouragement in the fact that: We are truly blessed because God is in control!