Course Selection Time!

As we all prepare for the start of the new calendar year, we are already looking ahead to the next school year and which courses students would like to take. On January 26, the school counselors held entire class meetings in which we presented credit requirements for graduation, new course offerings for the 2024-2025 school year, and how to select courses through their FACTS account. During this meeting, we walked through all of the required courses in core subjects that your student needs to take and encouraged them to mark it on their paper check sheet. We also went through the different electives and how they can be taken for certain Graduation Pathways. 

In order to facilitate open communication, we encouraged the students to bring all of this information home and discuss their classes and electives with their parents as they make their selections online in FACTS.  Links to the documents we shared will also be available in the student’s FACTS account. Students have one week to make their selections. The portal will remain open until midnight of February 1. After that time, the portal is closed.

The biggest concern we tend to face…”what if my student needs to make a change?” Don’t worry! In the coming weeks, each student will have an individual meeting with their school counselor to evaluate their transcript, credits, and courses selected in order to set him or her up for success next year and remain on track for graduation. Changes and questions can certainly be handled through those meetings. These selections do not have to be set in stone. Rest assured that we are working with your students to make sure their final course selections meet their individual needs.

Individual meetings with students will begin early in February, starting with the current junior class and working our way towards freshmen. If after your student’s individual meeting, you still feel you have questions, you can reach out to their counselor for any help or clarification.