God at Work in History

In history, it can sometimes be difficult to see the connections between past events and

our faith in God. Students may struggle with seeing how God fits into the picture in a period

such as the Age of Absolutism in Europe, or the Gilded Age of the United States. While it may

seem like these periods have nothing to do with our Christian beliefs, looking at these times, and

every event in history, for that matter, on a deeper level allows us to see God at work. During

class, I like to emphasize to my students that every event, “good” or “bad,” is ordained by God.

Even when things are at their lowest in history and the “good guys” don’t come out on top, God

is still in control. Or, when an event seems “pointless” or “boring,” God is still working amazing

change. He has a far greater concept of what is best for us than we ever could, and so we should

not let the lows of history and today make us think that He is somehow not present.

This applies to both past and current times. We know that for “those who love God all

things work together for good” (Romans 8:28), and holding onto that promise provides us

comfort. In every historical event, God is there behind the scenes, shaping our purposes and

plans to lead us to Him. I try to make this connection clear with my students daily. I pray that

they take this lesson and apply it to their lives as they enter the world as informed citizens who

approach every problem with a Christ-centered mindset.