Reflections on Commitment, Opportunity, Respect and Endurance

Spring is right around the corner and I ask all of you to keep

everyone at Concordia Lutheran High School in your prayers.

We have exciting times coming this spring, summer and fall of

2024. The goals for developing our academic campus to best

educate our students now, and for years to come, is very

promising. I do ask that we all reflect on everything

Concordia high school has and will accomplish. I also want

you to remember the core of your values.

Commitment: a mutual agreement or pledge to achieve a

common goal together.

Opportunity: a set of circumstances you or your community

create that makes it possible to achieve a goal.

Respect: BEGINS WITH ONESELF, valuing others feelings

and views, even if you do not necessarily agree, giving others

the same consideration you would expect from them.

Endurance: ability to withstand hardship or adversity.

Proverbs 4:23 “Above all else, guard your heart, for

everything you do flows from it.”

The core of everyone of us is our heart. Please, guard your

hearts through reading our Lord’s words daily. And through

our teamwork we will all persevere and help all students to

find their purpose and passion. The purpose and passion our

Lord and Savior created them for.