From the Principal - May 2015


It seems like the word “rest” has no business being talked about in the month of May at a school. There is no doubt that there can be a mad race to the finish line, with many, many events going on, finals coming up and general school year wrap up items pending. A brief look at my calendar shows that I will have many opportunities to experience end-of-the-year events and activities as well — and I am grateful for that.

So, where does rest fit in? Shouldn’t we just push through until the end and then find time to rest? Isn’t rest for the weak? I can honestly say that I grew up feeling that way. Feeling that you put your nose to the grindstone and push through. And, there are times for that. However, there is also a need for our bodies and minds to rest, even in the highest points of “busyness.”

If we are to model our lives after Jesus, then we cannot ignore the opportunities he took to rest as well. Jesus’ ministry was filled with opportunities to heal, preach, teach and connect with those around Him. He was in constant demand, and there was always something to do. He was truly God and truly man, so he felt tired, even though he was Divine! When he was tired, or needed to rest, He did. He went away at times to pray, and He sought out quiet.

I think we sometimes relish in the busy times because we have “things to do.” I know that I can sometimes fall into the trap of neglecting rest time because I’m “needed” elsewhere. It’s in those times that I truly need to rest in the Father and seek His face. When I do that, I find a strength and peace that overwhelms.

I invite you, during a tremendously busy time, to find time to rest. Please, allow yourself to seek God and his face, to reconnect with Jesus through prayer and study of His Word, and to find joy in the relationships with family and friends that are centered in Christ. There will always be things to do, but the most important thing remains, your relationship with your Lord and Savior! God’s blessings as you seek and find Him!


Mychal Thom