From the School Nurse - May 2015

For parents of seniors …

When your senior student completes graduation practice, they will receive their senior packet. This includes some cute and nostalgic items from grade school, BUT, it also contains their current immunization record (as I have it). This is very important to pull and keep in a safe place. In fact, make many copies and keep in a safe place. You will not believe how many times, your graduate will ask you for them over the next 40 years starting with college this summer. Better yet, make it their responsibility! I will not always be available during the summer when you may realize that colleges are asking for this document. You will have it! Please peruse this packet and pull this record.

Enjoy this time with your student as they prepare their wings for flight. Enjoy your summer. I wish you rest and relaxation.

Jayne Dwyer-Reff, RN
School Nurse