Winter Sports Awards - 2015


We would like to congratulate the following winter sport athletes for receiving these awards for the 2014-2015 season:

Girls Basketball – SAC Champions, Sectional Champions
Most Valuable – DeJour Young
Most Assists – Rachel Kammeyer
Best Defense – DeJour Young
Mental Attitude – Rachel Kammeyer
Best Free Throw Percentage – Erin Adair
Best Rebounder – Shania Kelly
Captains – ErinAdair, Rachel Kammeyer, DeJour Young
All SAC 1st Team –Rachel Kammeyer, Shania Kelly, DeJour Young
All SAC Honorable Mention – Erin Adair
ICGSA Academic All State Honorable Mention – Erin Adair
IBCA Academic All State Honorable Mention – Erin Adair
4 Year Letter Winners – Erin Adair, Rachel Kammeyer, DeJour Young

Boys Basketball
Most Assists – Reggie Tharp
Best Rebounder – Paxton Bergdoll
I Am Third – James Dixie
Best Shooting Percentage – Nick Webb
Captains – Andrew Brown, Mitch Paradine, Reggie Tharp
All SAC – Paxton Bergdoll, Reggie Tharp
All SAC Honorable Mention – Nick Webb
Top 100 IBCA/IHSAA Workout Nomination – Reggie Tharp

Girls Swimming
Most Improved – Than Soe
Hardest Worker – Annie Hrehov
Captains – Brooke Doerffler, Hannah Thomas
4 Year Letter Winners – Brooke Doerffler, Maggie Lawson, Hannah Thomas
All SAC Honorable Mention – Brooke Doerffler, Maggie Lawson, Hannah Thomas

Boys Swimming
Most Improved – Kevin Tarbet, Micah Maxson
Hardest Worker – Evan Kropf, Nathan Walz
Captain – Noah Younghans
4 Year Letter Winner – Noah Younghans

Most Valuable – Zach Davis
Most Improved – Zach Davis
Most Pins – Noah Asher
Mental Attitude – Blade Harris
Captain – Zach Davis, Blade Harris, Dominic Perugini
All SAC 1st Team – Zach Davis, Noah Shaeffer
Sectional & Regional Qualifiers – Zach Davis, Blade Harris, Noah Schaeffer
Semi-State 4th Place – Zach Davis
Academic All State – Jack Adair, Blade Harris
4 Year Letter Winner – Tyler Grepke

Mental Attitude – Allie Wade, Katie Kurtz
Most Improved – Lily Friedrich
Perseverence – Samantha Berning
Most Determined – Chanel Burks
Captain – Samantha Berning
MVP – E’Lycia Early
4 Year Letter Winner – Samantha Berning
State Competitor – E’lycia Early

Mental Attitude – Madi Brookshire-Green, Brooke Enustun
Most Resilient– Reagann Koehlinger, Morgan Moloney
Best Jumps –Jessica Peters, Lily Friedrich
Sparkle Award – Megan Motter, Emma Brinneman
Most Improved –Katelynn Anderson, Noell Koehlinger
Captains – Delaney Werling, Jensine Koehlinger
4 Year Letter Winners – Delaney Werling, Jensine Koehlinger, Jessica LeBeau