From the Principal - March 2015

Unmistakable Love

I love my kids. Those of you reading this that have children of your own, know exactly what I mean. You know what it is like to walk alongside your kids, through thick and thin, and love them no matter what. Even if you don’t have children of your own, you may have a spouse, significant other, pet, etc., that you just love, and there can be no mistaking it. It’s hard to put into words what that means, and sometimes we can even have trouble knowing exactly how to express it, but we just know it is there.

I hope that my children will always know that I love them. I hope that they will look back on their childhoods fondly and have at least a few great memories when they really felt loved by me and my wife. In essence, I want them to know, beyond the shadow of a doubt, no questions asked, that they were loved. But, why?

There are many answers to that question, and most I’m sure have many psychological roots to them. I’m sure there are reasons beyond reasons for that, but when I put that question to my heart, it causes me pause to really think about why I want them to know, so desperately, that they are loved?!

When I really dig through Scripture, and try to understand the messages it contains, I continue to come back to this idea of love. The familiar sounds of John 3:16 ring in my ears, “For God so LOVED the world …” and I try to comprehend how wide and deep this love really is! Some of what unfolds in front of me helps me to realize that the God of the universe had plans to express his love to me, in no uncertain terms. He wanted me, and all those he has created, to know that he has such a deep love for us that he would do anything for us, even send his one and only Son to be punished for us, so that we could live forever with him!

Certainly, I cannot display that kind of love for my children, but my prayer is that if they can feel some expression of love from their earthly father, how much more can they experience and know the love they have from their Heavenly Father!

God’s continued blessings, and may you feel loved in so many ways from the one that created you to be loved!


Mychal Thom