From the Principal - August 2015


Welcome back! What an exciting time of year for us here at CLHS where we gather again as a community to journey through another school year. We’ll have some new faces, whether that is a new freshmen class of students, some new transfer students, new faculty or new staff, God has brought us together again for the purpose of Christ-centered education. I’m so thankful to have a building full of students and teachers, ready to share in the Gospel message through the conduit of education!

Our theme this year is “Growing Toward Eternity…with Christ at the Center!” based on Luke 2:52 (NIV), “And Jesus grew in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man.” As I ponder the idea of “growth” in general, it occurs to me that I see it in many and various ways. One of the most obvious changes is in my children and the physical growth that they experience (sometimes seemingly daily!). As their school pants get shorter, and shoes seem to shrink, they are physically growing in stature. I marvel at how much change can be observed in my youngest son, Malachi, who is just over a year and a half old now; from laying there doing next to nothing but sleeping when he was born, to running (yes, running) around the house chasing his older brothers, in just 18 months time. How amazing!

Certainly, I observe growth in other ways as well. This will mark the beginning of my fourth year here at CLHS, and the students that were freshmen during my first year are now moving toward graduation at the end of this academic year. I’ve seen growth in them, as well. Sure, I recognize the physical growth, but the mental and spiritual growth during these past few years is awesome. As they journey through this year, and prepare to graduate and move on to whatever God is calling them to do, I get excited to see how God continues to mold and shape them for His purpose!

As we get older, sometimes that growth is less apparent. Many of us stop getting taller (although I’m still hoping for a few more inches of height …) but hopefully we are growing in other ways. Hopefully, we continue to stay connected to the Word and a community of believers to worship our Lord and Savior on a regular basis. Hopefully, we recognized that God continues to work in us and grow us to fulfill his purpose until the day he decides to bring us home. And isn’t that ultimate homecoming a great gift! Ultimately, that is why we exist at CLHS, to share that message with everyone and to provide a place where students and families know Jesus loves them, and where they can grow… toward eternity!

God’s blessings on the new school year… and GO CADETS!

Following His Lead,

Mychal Thom