Concordia welcomes 10 new students to Honors Academy

Oct. 8, 2015

FORT WAYNE, Ind. — Concordia Lutheran High School welcomed 10 new students into the Honors Academy this fall. In its second year of existence, the program has grown from 11 original students to now 28.

The new students this fall are Kathryn Castens, Carissa Garcia, Haley Grisez, Ben Henschen, Mason Kaschinske, Caleb Martin, Mackenzie Mee, Brinn Miller, Noah Snyder and Ini-Abasi Udoh.

Begun in 2014, the Honors Academy promotes exceptional academics, leadership and community service among Concordia students.

The program pushes students to the next level of their academic success. This year, students will visit multiple universities, including Valparaiso, Concordia-Wisconsin and Indiana University, and hear from leaders in their fields, including Don Wolf, former CEO of Do It Best Corp, and Rep. Bob Behning (R-Indianapolis).

“The Honors Academy had added a new dimension to how students embrace their academics. It’s kept them focused with purpose,” said Luanne Erdos, director of the program. “Last year, the students said how much they appreciated being with other students who valued academics the way they did — the seriousness and the intent and intensity of that academic experience.”

Students apply for the program and are selected based on receiving Pass Plus in English, math and social studies on their seventh-grade ISTEP tests or based on the Aspire ACT test scores during their freshman year. Students then submit a creative response before interviewing with the selection committee.

Over the course of their four years at Concordia, students are required to take Advanced Placement and dual credit courses; maintain a minimum 3.75 GPA; attend lectures and training for leadership awareness, cultural growth and community networking; and complete community service hours each year, ranging from 15 hours as a freshman to 35 hours as a senior. Also during their senior year, students must complete a research paper of their own design and present it.

Upon graduation, these students will receive distinctive recognition and a special notation on their high school transcript.

To learn more about the Honors Academy, contact Luanne Erdos at [email protected] or 260-203-4575 or visit

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