From the Principal-October 2015

As I’ve grown, I have a whole new perspective. First, I’ve learned the actual meaning of the word, Amen, which is “let it be so” according to most dictionaries, when used at the end of a prayer. Second, I’ve asked God to help me live a life of prayer, when I am in constant communication with him. So, where before I considered it a finite conversation, now I consider it an ongoing conversation, with a “please, let it be so” at the end, and not a, “goodbye for now” ending. I see how God remains with me as I go through my days, even when I say, “Amen”, he continues to walk alongside me.

When I think about the students and families at CLHS, and our mission, it is my prayer that we all grow in constant prayer and conversation with God. I know that in the ups and downs of life that we experience, it is God alone that can bring us through, and we can trust his promise to never leave us. As we grow in him, toward eternity, I pray for his continued blessings on us, that ultimately we may do his will, to his glory…”Amen!”

God’s blessings…and GO CADETS!

Following His Lead,

Mychal Thom