JROTC hosts inaugural Raiders Meet

Nov. 14, 2015

On Nov. 14, the JROTC Cadet Battalion hosted its inaugural JROTC Raider Meet. Cadets from all over the state of Indiana competed in rigorous competition inspired by the warrior spirit of the U.S. Army. Ten well-trained Raider Teams met on the field of battle at CLHS’ Zollner Stadium to test their metal in the following physically demanding events: Rock Wall 5X Relay, Litter Run, PT Test (Push up & Sit up), Tire Flip, Marksmanship, Ammo Can Relay 5x100, and a 4 Mile Ruck Sack Run.

The competition was extremely spirited and intense. Competitors and JROTC Instructors from other schools remarked how they enjoyed the CLHS Raider Meet and are looking forward to return next year. The overall results of the contest:

1st Place: Marion A 62 points
2nd Place CLHS A 60 points
3rd Place: Marion B 54 points
4th Place: Anderson A 50 points
5th Place: CLHS B 35 points
6th Place: Howe Academy 31 points
7th Place: Anderson B 25 points
8th Place: Hammond B 24 points
9th Place: Hammond A/Marion C tied 21 points

Cadet 2LT Tucker Bennett led the charge with the CLHS Raider A Team to finish 2nd overall. His teammates consisted of Dominic Perugini, Eli Allen, Noah Smith, Hannah Smith, and Preston Kerlegrand. Cadet SSG Cooper Christlieb met the challenge by being at the tip spear and leading the CLHS Raider B Team to a 5th place finish. Cooper’s teammates included J.D. Schuller, Jackson Spires, Gavin Seifert, Keelian Graham, and Da’Shanae Davis.

Both teams demonstrated tenacity, courage, and the warrior spirit.

A big thank you to all the parents who donated items for the Raider Meet.

It was a successful venture and the Cadets enjoyed themselves. Your efforts made this event possible. I would also like to thank the Athletic Department, Mike Trier, Nicki Gill, and Kurt Salomon for all their assistance. Looking forward to host this event again next year.