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Passionate about teaching

Scott Storm: computer science
By Libby Hetler ’18
From the Spring 2016 Cadets Magazine

If there is anyone as passionate and enthusiastic about his teaching field, it’s Scott Storm.  

Ever since fourth grade, Storm has been demonstrating his technological expertise and love for the subject. 

“I remember when the first shipment of Apple IIe’s came in at school, and so I would go to all the different classrooms and connect them and hook them up because the teachers didn’t know how to do it,” he said. “I just gravitated to it.” 

Starting out at Concordia as a part-time technology support specialist in 2011, and then in 2012, Storm saw an opportunity to create a class that had never yet been offered at CLHS.  

With the help of Principal Mychal Thom and Assistant Principal for Curriculum and Technology Josh Sommermyer, Storm was able to create a computer science program for all CLHS students. 

From making video games, to creating R2-D2 robots that can move on command, Storm witnesses his students’ ingenuity, creativity and willingness to try something new every day in his classes. 

“I find myself learning more from the students than what they learn from me, just by seeing what they do, seeing what they come up with,” he said. “It is really an amazing thing.”