Students honored for National Latin Exam results

May 18, 2016

FORT WAYNE, Ind. — Earlier this year, Concordia Lutheran High School Latin students took the National Latin Exam, a test given nationally and internationally to more than 100,000 Latin students.

CLHS students who were honored from the test are:

Latin I:

  • Freshman Susan Habbeger - Summa cum laude
  • Freshman Lindsay Bennett - Maxima cum laude
  • Freshman Mammad Ramazanli - Maxima cum laude
  • Freshman Mackenzie Mee - Magna cum laude
  • Freshman Kerrin Kramer - Cum laude

Latin II:

  • Sophomore Hannah Pitzer - Maxima cum laude
  • Sophomore Taylor Schoenefeld - Magna cum laude
  • Sophomore Ryan Koenig - Cum laude
  • Sophomore Connor Garcia - Cum laude

Latin III:

  • Junior Jackson Wagner - Summa cum laude
  • Junior Rachel Metzger - Maxima cum laude

Latin IV:

  • Senior Margaret Metzger - Magna cum laude

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