Finding rest this summer


How many times in the last month have you truly rested? You know, the kind of rest where your mind is freed from the daily grind, concerns and worries of the day. The kind of rest where you feel absolutely refreshed and rejuvenated. The kind of rest where you feel absolutely cared for in God’s loving and protecting arms!

I truly believe that God calls us to find that rest, to seek it out, and to be refreshed in him. Each of us finds that in different ways, and in different settings. The goal, however, is to find it!

Summer is upon us and school is out, although the building still bustles with kids at various camps, and summer school looms in the near future. But I hope and pray that you do find time to just rest. Our world carries so many expectations to “do” and “accomplish” that we buy in to the “busy” life, which often squeezes out time to rest. Seek that time, pray for that time, allow God to gift you that time, so that you can grow closer to him, and serve him ever more fervently!

Have a very blessed summer … and GO CADETS!

Following His Lead,

Mychal Thom