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Demonstrating Christ’s love

Recently, Concordia Lutheran High School hosted Grandparents Day and the Maroon & White Alumni Brunch. These days were filled with celebration, joy and pride by many who hold Concordia dear in their hearts.

When you want a good laugh and hear a good story or two, join the next Concordia Maroon & White Club brunch. Alumni who graduated more than 50 years ago gather annually to renew friendships and show their continuing support for Concordia. Without a doubt, their charge is strong toward today’s students and faculty to seek knowledge and wisdom with Christ at the center.

Three hundred grandparents participated in the second-annual Grandparent’s Day, joining their grandchild for chapel and a program highlighting our band, science, PE and theology programs. During his chapel message, Rev. Gene Brunow, grandfather of Abigail ’16 and Sarah ’19 Schwantz, Tucker ’17 and Lindsey Bennett ’19, shared a story when one of his grandchildren asked, “Grandpa, what’s it like to be old?” Pastor Brunow responded, “I’ve had more time to witness the amazing love of God. 

What a testimony and witness of faith Grandpa Brunow was to his grandchild in this short conversation with a long-lasting promise. Thank you Pastor Brunow for reminding me of the special relationship I have with my grandparents, particularly their unwavering love for God and the witness of faith and wisdom which time provides.

Our theme this school year is, “Seeking Knowledge and Wisdom with Christ at the Center.” Concordia is blessed by the witness of faith our grandparents and alumni who walk and live in the confidence of Christ’s love, share and demonstrate with today’s Cadets.

Go Concordia!

Patrick Frerking,