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God’s plan as you grow up

I graduated from Concordia Lutheran High School in 1969. Yes, that long ago. Since then, I have lived in Bronxville, NY; Fort Wayne, IN; St. Louis, MO; Pflugerville, TX; and since, 2011 back in Fort Wayne. Each stop was a learning experience. Not only for the different cultures, but also for the changes I had to undergo to live in that community.

Growing up as the son and grandson of pastors provided a different type of culture for me than most children. Like Dad and Grandpa, I had to act and respond in certain ways that emulated both of them and their own “culture” of interaction. To some, this meant I had to be grown up as soon as I was able to communicate well with others and had to speak and act in certain ways. Sure, I learned when I could be “bad” but even those times were rare.

Often, someone in the congregation (e.g., a farmer, electrical parts owner, hospital or department store) approached my Dad. Folks would ask Dad if he thought I might be interested. I learned to bale hay, take down a barn, do a parts inventory, make hospital corners, deal with patients, manage employees and more.

Each time I learned often how not to do things first before I learned what was the best way to do something. And all of these changes and my experiences prepared me, as I suspect God planned, to be here, in Fort Wayne at CLHS, in this time.

Concordia is making the same impact on kids today that it made back in my time. Christ-centered – high academic expectations – extracurricular and community involvement – being a disciple of Christ … and praise God for that continuity no matter how many changes each of us experiences.

John Schoedel,
Chief Development Officer