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An Important Day

Happy Reformation Day! October 31, 1517, is a day that many, if not all, Protestants remember and appreciate.

When Martin Luther nailed the 95 theses on the church door in Wittenberg, life in the church began to change. Although I cannot recite all 95 Theses, I know that the baseline of the Reformation was a call to bring forth the idea that we are saved by grace alone, not by any actions or works that we do. As a matter of fact, that is the reason that Concordia Lutheran High School exists today — to help spread the Gospel message that the perfect life, death and resurrection of Jesus paid for our sins once and for all, and there is nothing we need (or can) do to obtain our salvation, it was won by Him! 

October 31 also is an important day in my life, since it is the day of my birth. Back in 1977, I was born to a single mother in Toledo, Ohio, and immediately place in the ICU. You see, I was two months premature and weighed only 4 lbs and 8 oz. I had trouble breathing on my own.

Life began a little rough for me, and there were times when it was uncertain whether I would pull through. Under great care from physicians, and also the determination of my birth mother, I made it (obviously!) and am so grateful for each day that God has granted me.

In the ensuing months, God’s plan for me to be placed in a Christian home in the adoption process was carried out, and the rest is a story too long for this post! Sure, it isn’t always easy in life, but it is life! A chance each day to take advantage of the opportunities God has placed in my life to serve him and receive his blessings.

On this special day, I hope that you are encouraged again by the message of grace alone. I hope that you are encouraged by the fact that Jesus paid the ultimate price for you, once and for all, and has secured a heavenly home for you. I hope that you are encouraged to live each day as a blessing from God, and take advantage of the opportunities He gives you to serve and become close to Him.

May all our days be filled with his grace, love and peace — for Jesus’ sake!

Following His Lead,

Mychal Thom,
Head of School