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Being remembered

State Football Champions in 3A — who would have thought that possible? Forty-nine years ago, I played for the team when we were 9-1, co-champions of the Fort Wayne City league, and ranked as one of the Top 10 teams in the state. We thought we were hot stuff. Of course, back then there were no classes. Big schools played small schools, and there was no concern about team parity.

Today, the hoopla has not died down nor the thrill diminished of that victory. Sure, basketball is in the throes of Hoosier frenzy as the freshman, JV and varsity levels of girls and boys get the season in gear. But the feeling of that win on that Saturday in November lingers and for many will never be forgotten.

In January, we will remember the 1967 and 2002 team for what they achieved on the gridiron. That is a good thing. Even 49 years later, we honor those who did something special and are not forgotten in time.

Never forgotten … each of us sometime hope that our lives will be remembered long after we are gone. We strive every day to be at our best … to do our best … to make a difference at work or in school or at play. Did someone notice? Does someone care? Will someone remember? 

Christ remembers and cherishes you. For you and me, that is the most important remembrance of all.

John Schoedel,
Chief Development Officer