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Quite a month at Concordia!

State Champions! Wow, what a fall we have had at Concordia Lutheran High School.

There is an old high school adage that goes, “When you have a good football season, you will have a good school year.” I have no idea of where this statement originates, though through the years, I have not put much credence to it. But, having experienced the tremendous success of all of our fall sports and activities at Concordia, I understand the essence of this claim. As exciting as winning a state championship in football has been for our school, the tremendous respect our players and coaches have earned and witness of faith they have demonstrated through the fall season has been a honor to witness.

Concordia has experienced a tremendous amount of success in this first semester of the school year: Cross Country, Soccer, Band, Tennis, Drama, JROTC, Choir, Cheerleading, Volleyball, Football, and the many other co-curricular activities of our school. Like our football teams, the success of our community comes with effort and commitment by the players and coaches to prepare and dream for their season.

Back to football and the old adage, what I did witness at Concordia was a noticeable cohesion forming among the student body as the fall season progressed. A lot more high fives and comments of “good luck, blessings, and well done,” echoed among our community’s conversation. Alumni and Friends of Concordia wished the team well and cheered their success, evidenced by the thousands who made their way to Indy for the championship game, or watched the game on TV. Thanks!

Last week Fort Wayne Newspapers hosted its end of season volleyball and football awards in which a number of our student-athletes were recognized for their individual success. Our coaches, Trish Miller (volleyball) and Tim Mannigel (football) were awarded “Coach of the Year” for their terrific work this season with their teams. Both coaches quickly shared their praise for their assistant coaches and players.

Peter Morrison, quarterback on the football team, was named the Summit Athletic Conference’s “Player of the Year.” The first words Peter spoke to the crowd of 250 people was, “I want to thank God for all He has given us.” I’m not sure what Peter said in the following sentence, as I reveled in Peter’s proclamation of faith with confidence. Sitting next to our Head of School (Mychal Thom) and Athletic Director (Dean Doerffler), the three of us smiled with pride and confirmation that the Lord’s work is active at Concordia Lutheran High School. The next words I reflected upon which Peter spoke were about his teammates as brothers and their shared dream for a team’s success — community!

Community of faith and in Christ is what Concordia is about. Monday was a snow day with students remaining home for e-learning activities, hopefully preparing for their final exams that they will complete this week. Join me in offering prayers of encouragement to our students for their exams along with thanks for our teachers who work with and help mold our youth every day.

Speaking of faithful community and the molding of youth, this past weekend was the annual Concordia Christmas concert at the Historic Embassy Theatre. Thank you students and directors for sharing your God-given talents in music and dance of Jesus’ birth. Excellence. Commitment. Joy. These words, and many others of appreciation and celebration flowed through my heart and mind during the concert.

I am deeply thankful and appreciative for the development and sharing of faith that occurs throughout our music department and their annual celebration of Christ’s birth. And like the angels, shepherds, and wise men, we pronounce the birth of our Savior.

O let the harps break forth in sound!

Our joy be all with music crowned,

Our voices gladly blending!

For Christ goes with us all the way,

Today, tomorrow, every day!

His love is never ending!

Sing out! Ring out!



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Great is He, the King of Glory!

(v.6 Lutheran Service Book)

Merry Christmas, Concordia!

Pat Frerking,