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This is what I see – March for Life 2017

It is hard to put into words the picture that one gets from driving through the night, spending 10 hours on a bus full of high school students on the way to March for Life in Washington, D.C. It is hard to explain the conversations on the streets of city with complete strangers as this generation boldly confesses God’s truth of the value of life. It is difficult to describe the energy that these selfless young people bring into a city full of cynicism and political narcissism. You have to experience it to understand why I see things the way I do.

When I see this generation I do not see a world filled with hopelessness, with lazy slackers, and weak-minded individuals who herd around the latest Buzzfeed (who can’t think for themselves as so many are quick to accuse as if the word Millennial has become the new catchphrase to put someone down).

I see something different. What I see in these young people from Concordia is passion — a passion directed in a Godly Christ-centered way. Busses filled with passionate young men and woman who are not comfortable just to sit at home and text, tweet or SnapChat about what they believe in the value of life. No these young people want to go into the heart of the lion’s den, only to be devoured, into a fiery furnace where they are willing to be burned, all for the sake of the love of God for all life, especially that life that has no voice of its own.

They travel. They endure sleeplessness. They listen to the derision of people who believe they are uninformed and ignorant. As they walk around with their clothing that speaks objective truth, people look at them as if they were dinosaurs who should be extinct in this era of relativism. I see a generation from Concordia, who are not ignorant, nor uninformed, nor lazy and certainly not extinct. They are led by the One True God who desires all to be saved and come to the knowledge of Jesus Christ, especially when that means those unborn.

I see the hope of a future led and guided by the Word of God, lived out by His blessed children, who stand not only for the preciousness of life, but for the truth of God’s love in Christ Jesus for each and every life. I wish you could see what I have seen and will have the joy of seeing and being a part of once again.

I wish you could walk with us on Jan. 27. But as you can’t you, you can pray for our safety, pray for our message and pray that God would continue to raise up a generation such as this willing to stand for what God’s Holy Word declares, just as another man did facing great odds 500 years ago.

Pastor Roy C. Olsen, III
Emmaus Lutheran Church
Proud CLHS Parent