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Blessings on tour together


Hello Concordia,

All Ye Who Hear - These words are from the hymn Praise to the Lord, the Almighty, and served as the theme for this year’s A Cappella Choir Tour.

I had the pleasure of joining our A Cappella Choir, and its 73 students, on their four-day tour of Indiana, Illinois and Missouri. In the days prior to the tour, I knew I would enjoy the concerts and laughter that choir tours provide. What I didn’t expect but greatly appreciated was the spiritual retreat I participated in during the Choir Tour.

Concordia Lutheran High School is blessed by the love and quality of music our students and teachers experience and provide. We are deeply fortunate to share the love of Christ and the promise of salvation with all those who hear our choir (and band) concerts. During the concerts I took the opportunity to pray, contemplate and reflect on the text and message the songs provided in celebration of life and witness of faith. Some of the songs were familiar, others new, yet each added to my story of life on earth and the celebration of life eternal in heaven.

Highlights of the 2017 Choir Tour included worshiping with our friends at Indianapolis Lutheran High School, and singing to the retired and elderly at Laclede Groves in St. Louis, meeting a number of Concordia alumni during the tour, and the packing chapel at Concordia Seminary for our home concert on Sunday night. I will long remember the smile of the Rev. Walt Schoedel (CLHS 1943) as he directed our choir in singing “Happy Birthday” (his 91st) during a pause in the Laclede Groves’ concert. Walt and his wife sang in the A Cappella Choir in 1941-43, and with pride and honor, he shared some of his favorite memories with our group during the concert. God has blessed our school community with the ministry and influence of Pastor Schoedel, and so many like him, through the years.

Congratulations to the 73 students in our choir and to its director, Mr. Tavis Schlicker. Thanks also to the many hands behind the scene who make the choir tour possible, starting with our office assistants, Mrs. Jenny Powers and Mrs. Trish Perkins. So many small jobs add to the whole experience: bus drivers, riser crew, photographer, organist, instrumentalists and many more.

God’s blessings and safe travels to our Band, directed by Mr. Adam Friedrich, on their upcoming tour later this month.

Go Concordia!

Patrick Frerking