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Is your team still in? Do you have plans to watch the next round(s) of the tournament? Do you have visions of gaining those all-important “bragging rights” in your place of work … or at home? Or is that just me?

Many of you probably know what I’m referring to, and those of you who do not, may likely be better off J. During a few weekends in March and early April a fair number of folks turn to a bracket to follow some of their favorite teams, and experience perhaps one of the best-known sporting tournaments around.

Having played basketball for most of my life, I would be one of those people, and I find it fascinating, each year, the calculations that take place and the formulas people use to pick a final winner of the tournament. It could be contended that the real “madness” of March is the amount of time and passion put into such a thing, and yet, it can be quite fun and rewarding!

Someone asked me the other day what I actually liked about the tournament, and I responded by saying I really enjoyed the raw emotion of the student-athletes, and the level to which they pushed themselves to try to win. When a sixteen seed goes up against a one seed, pretty much no one outside the locker room of the sixteen seed believes they can win, and yet, they show up and play… and play hard! Each match up tends to be tightly contested, even if just for a little while, and these guys play their hearts out! The reality is, though, that there are winners in the games, and there are those that go home quite disappointed. As a matter of fact, there will be one champion out of 68 teams that started the tournament! 

The message here, from my point of view, goes right to the heart of why CLHS exists. You see, the game has already been won for us. If it were up to us, we would have less odds of winning our game than a sixteen seed has against a one seed. We just can’t do it; we just can’t put forth enough effort, passion, energy, or anything to win our game. And when we really sit back and recognize that position of despair and disappointment … enter Jesus.

I often write about his saving actions and grace, but I don’t think it can be said enough. The story is the best one ever told and the most important! So whether your bracket is busted already, or your team is looking good to make the finals, know that YOUR victory is already secured through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus!

Oh…. and GO BLUE!

Mychal Thom
Head of School