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Yes, Yearbook is Cool

I returned to the classroom this year after some time off. Primarily, my job at Concordia is communications, but this year in addition to my regular work, I took over teaching the yearbook class. 

As a former journalist and having taught at the college level in the past, I thought, “I can do this.” And it has certainly been a treat. I didn’t realize how much I missed the direct interaction with the students until I was back in the classroom.

Yearbook is probably one of the most unique classes at the high school. Few, if any, classes have a yearlong project where students depend on each other on a daily basis and adhere to strict deadlines. If anyone doesn’t do their part, the whole suffers.

First semester, admittedly, we probably got off to a bumpy start. The class was full. Students were pretty green. And I had taken over the class late in the process. We were all trying to figure out a good balance.

But, we set to work, and gradually, students began to find their “sweet spots” — the part of the yearbook that really made sense for them. Some fell naturally into photography. Some found a passion in design. Others in sales or leadership/organization. And even some, to their own surprise, found a passion — and great skill — in writing.

(That is the best part about teaching — helping students find a new passion and then watching the “light” turn on as they figure out the process.)

While it may have taken us some time to get here, we have discovered a great rhythm and a great team of students in yearbook. We even launched a new online newspaper this year so check it out at

If you haven’t bought a yearbook yet, I highly encourage you to do so. This book is a great memory for anyone, and it shows great support for the students who have worked on it. Books are $75 and are available online at (or you can drop off a check at the high school). The theme this year is “Here I Stand” in honor of the 500th anniversary of the Reformation. Our book will be out this summer! 


Ashley Wiehe
CLHS Yearbook Adviser &
Communications Manager