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Why Concordia is Special

The definition of tradition is “the handing down of information, beliefs, and customs by word of mouth or by example from one generation to another without written instruction.” At Concordia Lutheran High School, tradition is all around us. It resides in the hallways, in athletics, in the classroom and within our mission to put Christ at the Center of all that we do!

The traditions we have are what make Concordia Lutheran High School such a special place to be. We find tradition that continues on with our respected JROTC program. Few other schools fire a cannon when a touchdown is scored or recognize their starting line-up for basketball by shooting rifles. This makes our school special.

The extreme talent that is shown in the performances of our music department, which is so professionally showcased at the Christmas at the Embassy program each year makes our school special. Having a studio for video production and the creativity that has been generated through these classes over the years makes our school special.

The teachers that show so much care and support for the students in their classroom make our school special. Alumni that hold onto the memories of those special teachers years after they graduate, and when one passes away, mourn their loss as part of the Concordia family … this makes our school special.

Events like Cadets in Cadence that have been a part of Concordia’s history since 1983, bringing together students, volunteers and all those that support the high school to raise money through such a tremendous event are what makes our school special.

Walking through the halls around the gym and seeing the many pictures of those who have achieved some truly amazing things through our different programs are what makes our school special. The opportunity to pray and worship together, to provide theology classes, and share the love the Christ with others is the one tradition that makes Concordia truly special.

Traditions may come and go or they may alter, but they are what stick with us through the years and remind us in our hearts why Concordia Lutheran High School is such a special place to be. Hold onto those traditions, pass them on and be proud to be a Cadet!

In loving memory of Ed LeBeau and all those from the CLHS family who are now celebrating eternal life with Christ.

Alison Eckert '01,
Director of Alumni Relations and Annual Events