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Faith in God through the hard times

One of our students had to have significant surgery due to an abscess that had occurred in their bone. It was major surgery, and the length of the “scar” and the number of stitches was amazing. I learned about this from the parents, and their concern for the student and their fear at all of the possible ramifications was very apparent … and yet they believed that their student was in God’s hands.

For me, that brought home what I am experiencing with one of my children, who has been diagnosed with cancer. The Lord has given me experiences through work at the “old Lutheran Hospital” emergency room with families whose children were hurt or dying — but that doesn’t prepare you for your own child’s illnesses. The faith that I have that Christ is in charge is strong, and yet that old Adam in me is scared and wondering what I can do. I will be there for them and present when needed. Yet, it is still a deep concern.

I don’t know how any one, who does not believe in Jesus, goes through situations like these. The knowledge I have of Christ and what He did for me gives me calm about the illness. Yes, I am concerned — I am human — but I know that God has a plan.

These two situations are only two of many when you have 781 students and 70-plus faculty and staff. The CLHS family is supportive of each, and the prayers are plentiful.

May God be with you if you as you think of those in need.

John Schoedel,
Chief Development Officer