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CLHS students earn top honors in JA competition

May 8, 2017

FORT WAYNE, Ind. — Concordia Lutheran High School earned top honors in Junior Achievement Titan Tournament last month.  

This computer-based game consists of running a company that makes hologenerators, which are small, portable CD-size electronic devices that project movies, videos and other media in holographic space.

In the competition, students make business decisions regarding manufacturing of the product, such as pricing, marketing, research and development, capital investment, charitable giving, and quantity to produce.

The following teams earned the spot to compete at the regional tourney in Fort Wayne by being first/second in the classroom competition (team Name and students on team):

Trust the Process: senior Ethan Dillman, junior Justin Ehlers and senior Koby Gibson

Kratzman and the Cool Kids: senior Colin Harmeyer, senior David Kratzman and junior Benjamin Loshe

$Money Team$: seniors Larson Ashford, Peter Morrison and Vershawn Starks

The Oranges: senior Cam Frane, Alec Stopher and Andrew Weidemeier 

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