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Immunization changes!

We have managed to skate along the past couple of years with no
changes on high school vaccinations. The last change was adding a
second meningitis vaccination for 12th graders. Beginning next year it
is recommended that 12th graders be in process or complete a 3 series
of MenB, which is a meningococcal serogroup B vaccine. This is
proposed to be a requirement for seniors in 2018-2019.
It is also recommended that students in grades 6-12 receive Hepatitis A
(2 series) and is a requirement for 12th graders for school year 2018-
I am giving you this information now so that you have approximately
1 1/2 years to work on this as you visit and talk with your health care
providers and especially to take advantage of the summer break to visit
your HCP.
We say goodbye to a three dose HPV (human papillomavirus) series as
that becomes a 2 dose series in May 2017 for any individual beginning
the series before turning 15 and are given 6-12 months apart. If you
begin the series after turning 15, you will continue with the 3 dose
Clear as mud? Feel free to call me with questions about what YOUR
student needs -- many have already had the Men B and the Hep A. I
will be happy to discuss your student's immunization needs. Call (260) 483-
1102, ext. 235 or email