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Students continue to enjoy GAPP trip abroad

Our first week in Deutschland is already past! 25 % finished!

We arrived on Thursday all excited - 2 hours later than expected, but that was not a problem.  Most of the students reportedly did not sleep much during the plane ride, but most were sleeping as we approached Lüdenscheid by bus.

After the Friday (June 2) in school and an official welcome by the school administration, we were all free for an extended weekend with our host families.   Several of our students traveled to the North Sea and Islands,  Baltic Sea,  Holland,  Heidelberg,  Würzburg,  Weimar-Eisenach-Wittenberg,  Munich,  Berlin, Dortmund;  while thers remained in the Lüdenscheid area.   We saw each other again on Wednesday in school and were given a guided city walking tour, and a tour of the city museum.  Thursday and Friday are normal school visit days, and then another weekend already. Thursday evening was Culture Evening at the school.  About 7 of our students attended the fine arts presentations-  photography and art displays,  the singing of 2 school choirs, and a beginning student guitar group.

Wednesday and Thursday AM, as we met together,  everyone was excited and shared weekend experiences, and are given an opportunity to share any special experiences - positive or negative.   As of this writing,  NO ONE in our group has any complaints!!!  I specifically asked what they didn't like or wished to complain about.  The only answer I received was that in 3 weeks they have to go home. So far this is an exceptional group - for outgoing-ness,  eagerness, excitement,  politeness,  respect,  open to new things,   etc. etc. etc. . . .
No one has shared with me any homesickness, extended jet lag (although the first 36 hours are always the roughest), or food issues!   All claim to be healthy!

Looking forward to next week -  Sunday evening (June 11)  is a pot-luck supper party for all students and host families at the home where Michaela Sheets is staying, Tuesday (June 13) we spend the day together on a field trip to Iserlohn (cave), lunch together, and visiting the castle in the small town of Altena.  We are scheduled to be together from 8:30 am until at least 6:00 pm.   Then from Thursday until Sunday (June 15-18) we are together in Berlin for the four days.

Excellent trip so far!   Excellent student group!
- Tim LaCroix,
German Teacher and GAPP Trip Leader