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Telling THE story

Stories. They begin when we are little and listen to them being read to us. Stories are shared with us throughout our lives in school, in the news, on social media and through conversations with friends and peers. Then as older, wiser and mature adults, stories are shared with younger generations of all they’ve seen and been through over the years. Stories help connect us to one another.

This week is Homecoming week, which will lead up to the big game vs. Bishop Dwenger with many Alumni Weekend festivities going on as well. Reunions will take place where many stories beginning with “Remember when…” will occur. We are all connected through the stories we can share about our time and memories at CLHS. We recently hosted our Maroon and White Club brunch for those who graduated 50 or more years ago. One story shared was that of having to hitch-hike to and from Concordia every day for four years and, fortunately, made it both ways every time without ever being stranded. Do our students today share the same story? Probably not, but they have, or will have, their own stories to share one day of their time spent at CLHS.

There is one story, however, that we can all share and live our lives according to. It is the story of God’s love for us. The story of Creation. The story of Him delivering his people to the Promised Land. The story of Him sending his Son into the world to live as a man and, eventually, dying on a cross to save us all. The story of the resurrection so that we all might have eternal life in Heaven with Him. It’s a love story … the story of God’s unconditional love for us. This story is one that is at the center of all that we do and live by at CLHS, connecting our past, present and future generations.

Don’t forget to share your story and the story of a God who loves us all!

Happy Homecoming and GO CADETS!

Alison (Jung ’01) Eckert
Director of Alumni Relations and Annual Events