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Exploring the world through entrepreneur’s eyes

For James Truong, Class of 2018, the world is full of possibilities.

As a student, Truong became interested in product design, which led him to the Student Venture Lab program at the Northeast Indiana Innovation Center as a junior.

"The program is for anyone starting or growing their own business,” said the future entrepreneur. “Any service or product that provides value to the customer is a business and can be accepted into the program. All who are accepted into the program can schedule meetings with the business coach and are given office space and capital."

Through the program, he learned what was necessary to start his own business. He even has a coach helping him along the way.

"From my experience, sitting in a classroom and learning generic things about business doesn't compare in the slightest to going out and using skills such as programming, engineering or manual labor to give value to the world,” he said. “Although the work can be frustrating and difficult at times, I have gained invaluable experience and information through the advisory of my business coach and interacting with potential customers.”

Truong continued his interest in business during his senior year when he interned with Junior Achievement.

“I don't know what the future holds for me, but I'm grateful for the chance to create the life I want,” he said. “In the heart of it is God, and I hope to reflect the impact he has on us and remove some of the social stigmas on Christians through my actions."