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All in God’s Hands

“It’s All in God’s Hands. We are grateful and thankful for what has happened,” said Tinea Agen, mother of Addison Agen.

Congratulations to Addison Agen, Concordia junior, for her tremendous success on NBC’s The Voice! Addison’s performance and success provided tremendous pride throughout our school and the Fort Wayne community.

The Fort’s television, newspaper, and radio media covered her success with a host of programs and interviews, all whom continuously mentioned our Concordia community. The Concordia community is so proud of you and very happy for you! Addison and her performances on The Voice were “must watch tv” in my household every Monday and Tuesday night this fall as we followed her journey. Throughout her time in Los Angeles while rehearsing and taping obligations with NBC, she continued her academic studies, utilizing a combination of Concordia and online programs. Many thanks to Mr. Sommermeyer and Mrs. Bolinger for coordinating Addison’s academic program with her teachers and parents.

Last week I asked Addison’s mom, Tinea, what this experience was like as a parent. Tinea’s huge smile immediately answered many of my questions.

“We are very grateful and thankful for what has happened, trusting God all the way who had us in His hands, walking in faith through every step and door which He led Addison through.” Tinea shared her excitement and pride in watching her daughter work hard and follow her passion in music during the past months and knows God has exciting plans for Addison’s future in songwriting and performance.

With the start of Semester 2 comes the excitement and reality that we are midway through through this school year. Semester 1 Report Cards are available on each student’s OnCampus portal. Semester 1 Honor Roll will be announced later this month.

Basketball, swimming, wrestling, and gymnastics teams are in full swing. Musical rehearsals are going strong for next month’s production. Seniors that have made college decisions are continuing plans for their next steps, while other seniors continue to work on college decisions to be made. Juniors have started their countdown toward Grade 12, and our sophomores and freshmen are (hopefully) off to a very good start in the new marking period.

One of the realities of school life for Concordia’s students is that a number of their classes change teachers in the new semester. To assist in building and renewing vital relationships, Concordia will host Parent-Teacher Conferences on Thursday, February 1, beginning at 6:30 PM. A series of brief presentations for parents will concurrently be held by our Administrators and School Counselors focused upon topics of college planning, understanding the digital footprint of your teenager, and strategies for supervising technology use at home.

Happy New Year!

Patrick Frerking,