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Resources to help with tragedy, mental illness


Hello Concordia,

The past month has been filled with hurt and tragedy of the horrific events at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. Our prayers are with this community, the family and friends suffering of lives lived and lost. Today, on March 14, the one-month anniversary of this event, Concordia’s students will have an opportunity to join local civil servants from the Fort Wayne Police and Fire Departments in an Event of Remembrance and Prayer. Prior to the 17-minute outdoor event, Captain Mitch McKinney, FWPD Director of Community Relations and a Concordia Parent, will lead an all-school assembly about school safety at Concordia. I applaud the student leaders from our Student Council and Students for Social Change club for working with Mr. Mychal Thom and myself in organizing a positive and respectful response from Concordia.

Since Feb. 14, members of our school community have, understandably, been asking questions about school safety and support. This past week I led our chapel service, choosing to discuss mental illness, with the goals of reducing the stigma of those who suffer with a mental illness, raising empathy, and providing supportive resources to our school community. The following are those resources and a copy of the email I sent to our students and faculty:

Please save this email with contact information of services and contact details to help individuals suffering with a mental illness. Please know that the counselors, administrators, and teachers of Concordia are always available to help.

Chapel - Slide Presentation - Serving Individuals with Mental Illness - March 7, 2018. Data, contact information, scripture, prayer, songs.

How To Help a Friend:

  • Listen and Validate - I can see you are ....
  • Take Signals Seriously - cutting, threats, exhaustion,
  • Encourage Them to Talk to a parent, counselor, teacher/pastor
  • See Something - Say Something - to a parent, counselor, teacher/pastor
  • Pray and Be Patient

Text Lookup to 494949 (please add this # in your phone)

Call: 1-800-284-8439 (please add this # in your phone)

Watch this short video from The Lutheran Foundation of the new school’s based program of support.

About LookUp Indiana

In 2016, The Lutheran Foundation launched LookUp, a website-based initiative designed to provide mental and behavioral health information, and reduce the stigma associated with seeking mental health help. Truly a one-stop shop for mental health resources, website users can search for providers nearest them throughout Indiana, get information on mental health topics, keep up to date on recent news and blog posts, check for upcoming trainings and events and find 24/7 help. By connecting those touched by mental and behavioral health issues with life-changing resources, Look Up serves as a statewide clearinghouse delivering community-wide hope and healing.

Cross Connections Counseling

Mrs. Jill Buhlman is on our campus 2x weekly. See Student Services / Mr. Phil Brackmann to schedule an appointment.

Cross Winds Counseling

Provider of in-home counseling, Christian Boarding School in the Dominican Republic, mission trips.

The Lutheran Foundation

The Lutheran Foundation’s vision is spiritual, mental, and physical well-being for all people. In 2013, the Foundation commissioned a comprehensive mental and behavioral health needs assessment which revealed people don’t know where to go for mental health help. LookUp is one of the Foundation’s major initiatives in response to the assessment and the vision of mental wellness for all people. Watch this short video from The Lutheran Foundation to learn more from Kristina Johnson, Director of Community Initiatives of The Lutheran Foundation, as she describes the resources available on

About the Indiana Institute on Disability and Community

The Indiana School Mental Health Initiative is at the Indiana Resource Center for Autism, one of six centers within the Indiana Institute on Disability and Community. The institute, an Indiana University research center, works to put good ideas into everyday practice in schools and community settings to improve choices and quality of life for people with disabilities and their families through research, education and service.

Attached is a PDF from Crosswinds Counseling on seminars available.

Patrick Frerking,

Attached Files