Tips on navigating the driver’s education program at Concordia

Concordia Lutheran High School offers a state approved driver education online course as well as an approved driving course. There are three instructors who are certified and registered with the Indiana BMV.If you want to participate in Concordia’s Driver Education program, there are several steps to complete the task.

The student must first complete the classroom portion of driver education. CLHS offers the classroom course online. You must have the classroom course completed prior to registering for any driving. The student may start this online program at anytime throughout the year. Information is always available at the CLHS website.

After finishing the online course, a certificate of completion will be issued to the student. A copy of that online completion certificate must be submitted to register for a driving slot at CLHS. The student will then be issued a CDE document that allows them to go to the BMV to get their permit. The student will need to pass a BMV written test to get the permit also. (There are practice tests available at the CLHS driver education website). The BMV will also require documentation of identity and residency. The required documents can be found at the BMV website. (They usually include, but are not limited to, a birth certificate, social security card, and two original pieces of mail with the student’s name and address on it.)

For those who have already completed the online portion and want to drive, dates/times are listed at the website and are held during the months of March-December. Those dates are updated three times a year (March, July, and November). The CLHS driver education website will have more details along with the registration form.

After the student has completed both the classroom/online and receives the 6 hours of practice driving with the instructor, there are several steps that still need to be completed prior to getting an operator’s license:

  1. The student driver must be at least 16 years and 3 months old.
  2. The student driver must have held the permit for 6 months.
  3. 50 hours (10 hours need to be at night) of practice driving need to be logged on the BMV log sheet. This form may be found at the BMV website.
  4. The student driver must pass a driving skills test. This test may be completed at CLHS, if the student has driven with CLHS, or at a BMV of your choice. BMV requires a scheduled appointment at least two weeks ahead of time.

Since Concordia offers a state approved course, your insurance company may have discounts with proof of passing the course. Upon completion of the driving part, the student will receive a certificate of achievement as proof. Contact your insurance company about coverage for your student. Most companies do not require coverage while driving with a permit, but it is necessary when obtaining an operator’s license. 

Pamela Rusher,
P.E. & Health Teacher and Driver’s Education Instructor