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Creating change through photographs

Over the past two months a group of students and I have been volunteering at The Hope Center. The focus of the club was centered on artistic expression to give back to the community. The students in Photography 4 Change believe that an excellent photograph has the potential to affect change, to make a difference, and to expand a viewer's field of vision. Also, the goal was to allow the students to have an opportunity to take the time to get to know their subjects and to reveal stories together in a way that might make the world a better place.

The idea was to bring together the talent of the group and harness the power of the camera to achieve social goals and to spur people into action. By working exclusively in black and white, the photographers have created images that allow viewers to concentrate on the image rather than be distracted by color. Each photographer brings his or her vision to a subject. The sum of these visions is what provides a compelling social comment.

The students in the club wanted to make a difference for The Hope Center. The students scheduled photo shoots with women who have used The Hope Center as means to choose life for their babies. Through these photo shoots and interviews the women felt empowered and special. There will be a gallery opening of all the photos taken alongside the interviews. We will announce the gallery dates at a later date. All the proceeds of the tickets sold for gallery goes straight back to The Hope Center, as well as a donation box that we will have in gallery and a raffle for a free family photo session. The families that participated in the photo shoot will also receive a free print of the best photo taken at their session and The Hope Center will be using the photos for their charity event later on this year.

I am so proud of the students who given back to these women and the organization that does so much for our community and the future generation. The students involved used photography to truly make a difference with art as their tool. Creativity is powerful, it has the power to change lives, ignite a dream, and broaden people’s view of the world.

Kylee Heisler,
Art Teacher