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Platinum Pals: Boys soccer makes historical trip to state

Cadets Spring Magazine 2018
By Deedee Ridley ’18

On Oct. 28, 2017, the varsity boys soccer team set a record by making it to state for the first time in school history — and they have the blonde hair to prove it.  

“From the beginning, we were confident we would make it to state, and that was the goal for the season,” said senior Jeron Armstrong. “We worked hard, and it paid off.” 

Making 10 consecutive wins toward the end of the season, the boys prepared for the most important soccer game in Concordia’s history. Yes, they were primed with practice, but with an all-important dye job too. 

“It was just a team bonding thing,” said head coach Kevin Macke, whose team got the idea from another team that Macke had coached in the past. “Some of the seniors saw that picture, and they wanted to do it.” 

Because Macke had been a sectional champion with his former team, he got to miss out on the first round of bleaching their hair blonde, but as state got closer, he made his team a promise. 

“I told them, until we make it to state finals, they couldn’t dye my hair,” he said, but it became a reality during the week of the state game during one of his math classes.

Unfortunately, the boys took a loss against Evansville Memorial in that state game, with the score ending 0-2.

“If they would’ve won state, you would’ve been seeing a bald Macke,” the coach said. 

Notably during the game, senior Ben Loshe received the Mental Attitude Award. The award is presented at the end of the game after the two teams in the championship nominate a player. 

“We each had to have our principals and coaches write recommendations. Then, there was this committee to decide,” Loshe said. 

Despite the loss at state, the boys team had a solid season, going 11-2-4 during the regular season and making it through three sectional games, two regionals and then taking the win at semi-state. They had reached their goal — and had made history at the same time. 

Emily Mitchell ’18 contributed to this story.