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Cadet Fund: Making memorable moments

Cadets Spring Magazine 2018

On Oct. 21, JROTC students were fortunate to visit Gettysburg. The all-day bus ride included the movie “Gettysburg” to help better understand what took place from July 1-3, 1863. One of the JROTC Cadets, senior Max Giesler, was on the trip and to say he is knowledgeable about Gettysburg would be an understatement! He kept everyone entertained on the ride with fun facts about various battles that took place and the generals involved. 

Saturday morning they drove all around Gettysburg, stopping at different battlefields including Little Round Top, Devils Den, Pickett’s Charge and Culp’s Hill. At each stop a JROTC Cadet was responsible for researching, preparing and presenting to the rest of the group on that part of the war. It was impactful to see them appreciate history because they had put in the time and research to do so. 

Trips like this at Concordia are in large part made possible by the Cadet Fund. This trip gave our Cadets hands-on experience that they will remember for the rest of their life. They were able to take classroom learning and apply it to real-life military scenarios.

“This experience provided a large group of about 40 students and CLHS faculty members the opportunity to walk the same ground that Civil War soldiers from Indiana walked 154 years ago. … The trip went by too quick and left a lasting mark on many of the trip members. I couldn’t have asked for better weather and the tours to have gone smoother than they did.” – Max Giesler ’18