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What we did this summer…

Andrew Stout, PE Teacher

“My summer was spent running my girls around town for various sports camps and activities. I also had the opportunity to help Kevin Macke with the boys soccer team training throughout the summer. The highlight of the summer was our family vacation trip to the Black Hills in South Dakota. We drove out there and spent 5 days seeing all of the sights in that area, including Custer State Park, Needles Highway, Badlands National Park, Mount Rushmore, Devils Tower, and the Mammoth Dig Site.”

Trevor Campbell, Art Teacher

“This summer was spent celebrating friends’ weddings, working at Franke Park Day Camp, and lots of camping trips! I was able to check Voyageurs, Isle Royale and Mammoth Cave off of my quest to visit all of the national parks. I kayaked, backpacking, saw moose, and went hiking through caves, and I am energized for this school year!”

Luanne Erdos, Honors Academy Director

“I spent my first day of summer break on an airplane to London for an 8 day class titled, “Learning from London: Evangelism and Mission Work in the 21st Century.” It proved to be an amazing class of non-stop visits to churches across London and visits with city planners, rectors and parish leaders in addition to bonding with 12 classmates from across the United States. Other travel highlights included touring Wimbledon, beach time in South Carolina and eating and sight seeing in Charleston, and time in Florida, Maryland and Virginia. Other summer highlights included reading, playing and watching tennis, and doing some home projects along with school planning.”

Lizzy Hoham, English Teacher

“I did some house renovations, enjoyed some much needed time with my husband and two kids (lots of zoo trips!), and caught up on some reading. And of course, saw Incredibles 2 in theaters.”

Krista Koch, Math Teacher

“This was the summer for a sabbatical, of sorts, for me. With our last child graduating from Concordia Lutheran High School last May, it was a good time for my husband and I to reflect over our lives and, more importantly, our family. We vowed to spend as much time with our children, and we have lots of wonderful memories to ponder about in future years. Twenty-six years ago we moved here when my husband took a call to Unity Lutheran School. We had one child at the time, and he was 6 months old. Everyone told us not to blink, and it really feels like we did. I am not sure where those 26 years went. I do know that we have met a lot of wonderful people and interacted with some awesome students in those years. We are quite proud of the four students with whom God blessed us. They are continuing in the ministry wherever God has placed them and in whatever capacity He has called them to serve. The baton is being passed to the next generation in our family and in many of your families. That’s what Concordia Lutheran High School is all about! Praise be to God!”

Tim LaCroix, German Teacher

“I spent time in June and July in Minnesota, and Traverse City, Michigan. I attended a Detroit Tigers Baseball Game, hosted German friends from Lüdenscheid, prepared for my daughter Addisen's (CLHS '12) wedding, and attended a German soccer game at Soldier Field in Chicago (Dortmund BVB vs. Manchester City) with recent alumni, (left to right) me, Nathan Walz ('18), Dr. David Allen, Andrew Marinko ('18), and Eli Allen ('18).”

Lillian Anderson, English and Family & Consumer Science Teacher

“I continued to be a ‘professional student’ by taking two courses at Ivy Tech. I designed a faux hotel suite for a course in Textiles for Interiors, and I modified recipes in a Nutrition course. Long walks, gardening, reading ‘beach novels,’ and stitching made the long summer days fly by. One highlight was a Fourth of July party at teacher Stacey Salisbury's lake house, which was beautifully decorated with upholstery and draperies made by — who else — Stacey herself.”

Rev. Chad Hoover, Theology Teacher

“This summer, I attended a weeklong Servant Event in Cairo, Michigan with my wife, my two daughter and nine other youth from my church. We joined three other congregations for the 23rd year of ‘Fixin' Up the Thumb’ where local residents receive much needed renovations and repairs on their homes at no cost to them. Some of our groups did roofing jobs, others did flooring jobs. The group I was in renovated a bathroom, tearing out the old tub and installing a handicap accessible tub and a new toilet. It was a great way to serve others freely in the Name of Christ.” 

Eric Kaschinske, Math Teacher

“Each summer seems to present its own exciting moments and challenges, but always a time for renewal and refreshment. The past few months, I spent quite a bit of time helping with basketball camps (two at CLHS and one at Emmanuel-St. Michael), working on various house projects, and attending my children's sporting events. Administering math placement exams for incoming 9th graders and other math department business was part of many weeks. Somewhere in between all of this, we also managed a few short getaways, including a wonderful family camping trip in Michigan and an entertaining Reds game in Cincinnati, as well as hosting our German friend Daniel. My three children had an exciting summer as well, with great times at Lutherhaven and a mission trip to Costa Rica. It was a wonderful summer, blessed by the Lord, and I am ready to return my focus to helping students learn more about mathematics and their Savior who loves them!”

Adam Friedrich, Band Director

“I traveled with friends from college and visited 11 National Parks in the Western Part of the States as well as Canada over the course of 2 weeks in early June! I spent some time with family and friends as well, and I went to a couple of concerts, movies, and parades. Also, MARCHING BAND.”

Kyle Jane, Science Teacher

"Throughout the '17-'18 school year, my wife and I provided foster care for two young children. This summer, we officially adopted them into our family and spent most of the summer as a family getting outside biking, camping, swimming, and playing with the kids. When I wasn't at home, I attended two different workshops to continue providing high quality education here at Concordia."

Rev. Dr. Joseph Gudel, Theology Teacher

"Well, my wife and I did some of the 'normal' things, especially babysitting our four grandkids (ages 4-7)!  The unusual thing we did was make a 1700 mile road trip to Chicago, Bartlesville, OK and St. Louis.  Why? We spoke with various synodical and church leaders about things we can do in the LCMS to help the persecuted church. The most under-reported story of the 21st century is the genocide of Christians in more than 60 nations around the world. There is more persecution of Christians today than any other time since the 1st century. 'Continue to remember those in prison as if you were together with them in prison, and those who are mistreated as if you yourselves were suffering.' (Heb. 13:3)"

Mindy Walz, English Teacher

"Summer seems to be the time to try to catch up -- on work, on family matters, on home maintenance and more! Time was spent during the first part of the summer going to graduation parties. It is a blessing to be able to connect one more time with students before they go their separate ways. I spent a weekend in Chicago at a mini-family reunion with my husband's family. I also made a long day trip back to Chicago with my brother and oldest son for the Manchester City vs. BVB soccer game. We walked over ten miles that day but had an absolute blast! My whole family took part in two parades with the Marching Cadets. Two were marching, and the rest of us provided water for the marchers on the route. Of course school work happens during the summer, too. Time was spent planning and reading for the year but also reading for pleasure. I am enjoying having access to the library app where many print and audio ebooks are available to check out free of charge if you have a library card. If you don't have it you should look into getting it. It is easy to use and, of course, free!"