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It’s a Small World??? NOT!

Perhaps you’ve been in a conversation where you found out that you and the other individual both have a connection to another acquaintance or relative. Often, one person may remark, “Small world, isn’t it?” To this statement I can’t help but think, “No, it’s not a small world! It’s a huge great universe that the Lord has created and just because I happen to have one common acquaintance or relation to this individual out of the almost 8 billion people on this earth doesn’t make it seem any less small! Statistically speaking, the percentage of people that I actually know, even of the population of Fort Wayne, is miniscule." But I usually just smile and nod.

Recently, my wife and I have been reminded of how large this world really is and how many different cultures and languages we have on the planet. In April, we were pleased to host Daniel, our foreign exchange student who came from Germany as part of the GAPP program. He stayed with us for a month, but also paid us another month-long visit in July and August. At the same time, we were blessed to have a visit from O’Neal, who teaches math and tutors the students at Concordia Dalian International High School in China. So on a wonderful evening on the back patio, we enjoyed food and drink around the campfire with a resident of Germany and China. Soon after that day, we were able to FaceTime with the parents of our exchange student Rocio from Madrid, Spain, (whose company we are currently enjoying as part of the CLHS/Madrid Homestay Program).

So we’ve come to know better three individuals and their families: one from Germany, one from China, and one from Spain. But it doesn’t make the world any less small. It’s a great big huge planet that our Creator has made. To some people, that may seem morbid and depressing: How in the world could I be significant among all those people? Do I really have worth and value? Absolutely! Our Heavenly Father loved me enough to send His precious Son to die for me! And he died for our friend in Germany, and our friend in China, and in Spain, … and He loves every single one of the 8 billion people on this earth that way! There are millions and billions of people on this planet that don’t know of His love for them — that’s the Good News we get to share.     

No, I don’t think it’s a small world at all. But we have a huge, all-powerful Creator who loves us with a personal love that we will never understand. Thanks be to God!

Eric Kaschinske,
Math Teacher and Department Chair