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My Heart Will Be Glad with the Sound of Music

Music permeates our global culture. Music transcends barriers of language, age, gender, ideology, race, or creed. Music has the power to help us feel, cope, express, and share. It’s been said, “Where words fail, music begins.” Music has been a consistent and driving force in the human experience since creation. Music is like oxygen to the soul!

As Christians, we are called to praise the God who created us and grants us eternal salvation. The Bible declares that we should praise the Lord over 250 times in the Old and New Testaments. Specifically, it references singing more than 400 times and COMMANDS us to sing over 50 times! Singing is our primary outlet for praise to the God of the universe! The God ‘from Whom all blessings flow.’

Everyone should sing! Do you have lungs? Vocal chords? Can you talk? Yes? Then sing! It’s an essential part of the human experience and definitive component of an authentic faith life.

The only thing better than singing, is more singing! – Ella Fitzgerald

Singing in a choir is an amazing experience. My wife played collegiate basketball. Her father was a long time college basketball coach and athletic director. As much as she loves basketball, she calls choir the “ultimate team experience.” No one sits on the bench or is just a “role player” in choir. Everyone has to be excellent and own their part for the entire team to succeed. Everyone is a starter. We have to start together, stop together, grow together, speed up, slow down, articulate, breath together, and even feel together. It’s an incredible experience that is impossible to truly explain. You have to experience it!

Choir at Concordia is all about potential. God has blessed each person and collection of people with unique talents, gifts, and abilities. As good stewards of those blessings, it’s imperative that we use them to their fullest! We MUST reach for our potential or risk nullifying God’s gifts through our own apathy.

We are blessed at Concordia to have a long history of excellence in choral music. Students and directors have been working together for decades to affirm and promote the faith. We hear stories all the time about what a choral experience meant in the life of former and current students! Over the years, the extraordinary has become the ordinary. What we share at CLHS does not exist at the same level in other communities. Concordia is annually ranked in the Top 10 for the State of Indiana for both our A Cappella Choir and Vocal Jazz Choir. Concordia is generally accepted by our synodical colleges as the best Lutheran high school choir in the world. Let that sink in. The. Best. In. The. World. God has called us to do big things here!

Tavis Schlicker,
Director of Choral Activities