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Many hands make light work

Most of us have heard the saying “Many hands make light work.” As a parent and employee of CLHS, I’ve had the opportunity to experience this firsthand. A few specific instances come to mind when I hear this saying:

One of the first times I got to experience this was when my daughter decided to run cross country. Never being a distance runner, I had no idea what kind of commitment is expected from the athletes as well as the parents. Cross country at CLHS often involves 30-50 boys and girls, 1 coach and 1 assistant coach. Wow … a lot of athletes for 2 coaches. Without a lot of parent involvement, these coaches would not be able to focus on what they need to — the student athletes.

So, beginning in June, practices begin, and parents step up to provide snacks and bike riders 4 times a week throughout the summer months. Before we know it, season is here, and that is when you see parents helping with team meals on Friday nights, arriving 2 hours before every race to set up the canopies, and cheering every runner on Saturday morning.

As the season progresses, our XC family grows closer, and we look forward to seeing each other on Saturday for race day!! We do this because we believe in our coaches, our athletes and CLHS. Working together is something we look forward to and I know I am so thankful for the chance to meet some pretty wonderful people with many talents.

As a Koinonia mentor here at CLHS, I am blessed to be able to take part in Service Day with 13 of the best representatives of CLHS. Earlier this month we served at Habitat for Humanity. The weather was less than cooperative so our work site was changed from Huntington to their Fuller Landing location here in Fort Wayne.

Instead of working outside on a yard, our students were able to be part of the final stage of home completion for a family here in Fort Wayne. Our students learned how to install doorknobs as well as outlets. Bruce, the site manager, was so appreciative of our students and in our short amount of time helping, we were able to install 5-7 door handles, outlets and outlet covers for three bedrooms, the family room and garage. Seeing the student’s excitement when Bruce told them they installed an outlet right was awesome. Many of the students could not wait to go home and tell their parents that they can install outlets. Excitement learning a life skill while helping a family get one step closer to home ownership fills my heart with joy, and I couldn’t be prouder of my Koinonia family.

Working in development at CLHS, we have many opportunities for parents, students, and alumni to become involved. Our team works throughout the year planning events such as Alumni Weekend, Phonathons, Grandparents Day, and our annual Cadets in Cadence Dinner Auction taking place on December 1, 2018. If you would like to volunteer for any of these events, please let us know!

Wendy Bentz,
Director of Development Services